Day 0   Departure from your country

Day 1   Arriving Mombasa and transfers to Msambweni

You will be picked up from the airport in Mombasa by a driver from Motorsafaris who will take you to SawaSawa-BeachHouse in Msambweni in about 2 hours. Relax with a snack and a drink on the beach or at the pool. Test drive on the motorcycle in the Shimba Hills, money withdrawals and the last shopping.

Day 2   Msambweni - Garsen  289 km.

We wake up early and have breakfast viewing the Indian Ocean. We will see it back in Zanzibar after 10 days.... The ride today includes Mombasa Town and continues on the north-coast.

Finally we end up in Garsen, in Tana delta Resort, don’t expect much here. We are on the way to the desert. Garsen is near the future harbour in Mpekatoni. Development will start here.

Day 3   Garsen  - Garissa  258 km.

A long dirt-road today. We will hear about security in Garsen. Most traffic moves in convoys and that makes it very save. Garissa on the Tana River has 120.000 inhabitants and is a safe town. Garissa has several hotels. Dadaab refugee-camp is 100 km. to the east. Nairobi is 360 km. to the west.

Day 4   Garissa - Embu  328 km.

The long, straight road direction Nairobi brings us 250 km. to the west. We are back in the civilized world. We branch North on our way to Embu. We will pass a big dam for electricity and water-supply. Embu is on the slopes of Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain from Kenya. The road through town is full of business, trucks and cars.

Day 5   Embu - Isiolo  150 km.

Today’s trip is short. We have time for stopping and experience Mount Kenya. 

Todays last 30 km. we see the desert in the deep and we descend from Mount Kenya into the heat.  In Isiolo the world changes. Here we are in the world of Camels, goats, Herdsmen. Isiolo is an outpost for people who live in the desert. Life is hard in the desert and you will see it in the faces of the people. Majority is Moslim in Isiolo.

Day 6   Isiolo - Marsabit  258 km.

The newly tarmacked A2 is going north and ends in Ethiopia. The A2 brings us in a straight line to Marsabit our  destination for today. Desert landscapes along the highway. Impressive nature.

We are leaving civilization and enter into another world.

Overnight in Henry’s and Rosanna’s Campsite.

Day 7   Marsabit restday

A day for yourself. The crew will maintain the motorbikes.

Day 8   Marsabit - Loilangalani  233 km.

Today will be tough day. 233 km. on gravel takes at least 7-8 hours riding.  Not much shade, no villages. We rely on the service car and ourselves. We take enough petrol and water and we leave at daybreak. The reward will be the view of Lake Turkana.

Day 9   Loilangalani - Maralal  233 km.

Another tough day in the desert. Leave early and take enough petrol and water.

Here you are with yourself and the other riders and crew.

We will see the gigantic wind-farm in the desert. Yes indeed there is strong wind in the mornings!

Day 10  Maralal - Marigat  172 km.

The last day in the desert. We stay in Robert’s camp on the shore of Lake Baringo.

Day 11 Marigat - Naivasha  160 km.

We can do a boat-ride in the morning before we set off to our final destination. Lake Naivasha.

Back in civilization means cappuccino in Nakuru and traffic on the road to Naivasha...

Day 12 departure to Europe

Transfer to Nairobi International Airport

Because of security reasons we might change the route if needed.

However, the area is well protected and development is going on.

Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport

(LAPSSET) Corridor project, also known as Lamu corridor is a transport and infrastructure project in Kenya that, when complete, will be the country's second transport corridor. Kenya's other transport corridor is the Mombasa - Uganda transport corridor that passes through Nairobi and much of the Northern Rift. Some basic LAPSSET infrastructure has been built

The wind farm site, covers approximately 160 square kilometers. The farm has 365 turbines (type Vestas V52), each with capacity of 850 kW

The V52 had gone out of production, but was updated with nested towers for transport on the 1,200 kilometers road from Mombasa port, of which 200 kilometers are new gravel roads.